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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grim Tidings

The times haven't been easy....
The times haven't been right....
I alone know how it hurts
Even after the crisis is out of sight.
Even when
I wish I could yell....
Arre Bhaiya,
All Is Well

But all is NOT well, my dear friend.
I miss you.
I miss all the silliness that we used to share.
I miss the lost opportunities...
I miss the awkwardness of an acceptance the most.

The grim reality of life:
'People don't change when you give them better option,
they change only when they realise there is no other option.'

But I ask, did I really have an option....
Eons after the options were given a waiver?

Was there any other option?
Other than absorbing myself in self-pity,
or wallowing in endless misery?

The grim reality of life: No one loves a loser!

But ain't a loser ever gonna be missed?????

I am told: "The answer is blowing with the wind,
my friend (sic)... This is exactly what you call LIFE!"

I ask, do you regret my refusal to break free?

I am told: "I don't regret anything...
Everything enriches (sic) me...
I try to take (sic) things positively...!"

I implore: Do you miss me?
Do you miss talking to me?
Do you miss me all of a sudden one fine morning?
Or on a pensive afternoon, or on a lonesome night?

No? Never???
I receive no answers....

Do I hear the wind?
I wonder.
Since when did the wind become so silent????

I reinstate: I do miss you.
When times are fast,
moments are hard,
When everyone's busy,
when seconds are few,
My grim tidings remind me,
that I am alive because my heart has been remembering you.
I wish I could yell:
All Is Well!!!

But all is NOT well, my dear friend.
I miss you......

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Aryan said...

My, my ......!!!!
Your post certainly has a grim feeling to it. I can understand yearnings for the unnamed, but what I fail to understand is whether you have been able to get grip over the reality or if it still hangs loose just above your head.... maybe I'll never know, may be there's no escaping the discoveries associated with one's pent up feelings. Let me just tell you, there is no better love than loving one's own soul as the soul itself retains the eternal spirit of hope.

Arunima said...

Am completely flabbergasted to see ur grim post! though frankly your write up as usual is mind blowing...
I hav just one thing to say..never ever call urself a loser..even during grim tidings...and look around urself more closely..u will be surprised to see there are really some people who love u unconditionally and always will be there with you whether the tidings are grim or a pleasant one...

vidhi said...

i loveddddddddddddd the teddies, they are very cute!

Swarnali Speak said...

It's a mind blowing piece no doubt..but, I wanna say that never give up your hope & faith whether the tiding is grim or something else..keep your smile always..you're the Winner & u'll always remain......
You are the one who had learnt me to love own-self..
You are the one who helped me to smile again..
You are the one who gave me light when I was in darkness..
You are the one who tried to give me a new life when I lost the hope to live..
You are the one who supported me in my every difficulties..
You are the one who cares me more than my family, my relatives do for me..
You are the one who I love most..
You are my ultimate Facilitator..
I just can't take the word 'loser' from you....
You are the BEST!~