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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Creative Pastime

In the daily rush to meet deadlines and fulfil obligations, our creative self often gets shuffled to the sidelines. And that's not a good thing as our creativity is so closely connected to our sense of self-fulfillment. Creativity helps us to experience the magical and playful side of life. It lets us explore our passions and express ourselves artistically.

In my case, my preferred creative passion is my blog. I love spending time blogging on things that are close to my heart, which gives me with much joy and satisfaction. It is a very grounding pastime, and one that I also get to share with others as I spend glorious hours writing about personal experiences, and issues, mostly impromptu & unrehearsed.

Sadly, many people don't consider themselves creative, especially if they don't write, paint or play music. But that is a limited perspective of creativity. There are many forms of creative self-expression with different kinds of execution and levels of expertise. Within each and every one of us exists an artistic being just waiting for the opportunity to shine.
Our creative expression touches us on a very personal level. It can be as simple and spontaneous as singing in the shower or the car. It can be a playful moment of making up a silly limerick or strumming chords on a guitar. Or it could be a more directed and focused activity such as sewing a quilt, cooking an exceptional meal, or making home a special place to relax and enjoy.

So, friend, how do YOU express your creativity? Just open yourself up to the possibilities around you, and hopefully you will find ways to explore, nurture and enjoy your creative side!


Satyaki said...

My favorite pastime is sleeping!!!!:-)
And, my favorite creative pastime is taking photographs, I find beauty in everything.... Life is indeed beautifule; beauty, being in the eyes of the beholder, is appreciated by me - who, if nothing else, has a beautiful soul - and with my photos I can really connect with that inner being!

Anirban Halder said...

My creative passtime is blogging. My blog Kolkata Curry (kolkatacurry.blogspot.com)- is on Kolkata- the city where I live and which is much close to my heart.

I also take photos with my digital camera and want to develop it into a creative passtime. Because a photo can speak a lot. That's why I use photos in my blog to compliment text.

Raghav said...

Though I am not very creative, I have a secret creative pastime...... in my leisure hours, I am a cruciverbalist i.e. I love making crossword puzzles.