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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My ten all-time favorite Hollywood soundtracks

Any list of this nature is bound to be non-exhaustive, as there are far too many original soundtracks that are my eternal favorites. However, I have dared to come up with an all-time favorites list, limiting the number to just ten.
My favorite composers are James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman, Alan Menken, John Williams, Elmer Bernstein, John Barry, Philip Glass and Jerry Goldsmith, and several other musical giants of Hollywood who have, time & again, proved that a great original score can lift a movie by several notches, and, in case of of a promising movie material, the score simply translates the scenes into pure magic.
Alas, I couldn't include all the great compositions of the masters in this very listing. But, this I can assure that the ones I've named are close to my heart. Each album generates a deep personal association, with the movie, and the tracks.
The names in the list aren't in any order, chronological or preferential.


SAGNIK said...

What a wonderful selection. I am thrilled to learn that most of my favorite OST albums feature on your Top 10 list. Brokeback Mountain, Titanic (as well as Back to Titanic, the twin album), My Best Friend's Wedding, Aladdin & The Sound of Music are perennial favorites for most people that I know. I appreciate the fact that many albums that rely heavily on the instrumental scores also feature prominently on your list.

Satyaki said...

Nice post. But some other mentionables, which I am sure you could have included if the list had been longer, are:
Full Monty
Free Willy 2
The Lion King
The Bridges of Madison County
Dr Zhivago
Dirty Dancing.

surjasish said...

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is an absolute classic, one say so without any puritanical inhibition whatsoever. The Sound of Music has definitely stood the test of time as one of the great musical soundtracks of all time. Jerry Maguire is surely a perfectly complimenting compilation of cult hits (it even includes Elvis Presley in the album!) and has an awesome original number by Bruce Springsteen (Secret Garden). However, about the rest I have my reservations - but it is YOUR favorites' list, so there!

surjasish said...
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rajdeep said...

Cool post. Cool compilation. Hats-off!!!!!!!!!!!

sminu said...

cool collection!
i am feeling envious!
do u really possess all these albums in your personal collection?

deepu said...

One would be genuinely compelled to take a nod at this listing of Top10 soundtracks, which of course are your personal favorites, as has been categorically mentioned.
Still, I would like to suggest the following additional OSTs for consideration, for anyone who calls himself/herself a musiclover:

Waiting to Exhale
A Clockwork Orange
Star Wars
Beauty & the Beast
My Fair Lady
Singin' in the Rain
The Graduate
The Wizard of Oz
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Out of Africa
Do the Right Thing
Good Will Hunting
The Music Man
The Sting
Saturday Night Fever
A Hard Day's Night
The Godfather
West Side Story
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Rocky Horror Picture Show