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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When Size Does Not Matter.........

The size or the length or the duration of the film has nothing to do with the impact it can have. It is a known and proven fact. And once again it has been reiterated by the short films that I have had the chance to view in the last few weeks. It has been a truly enriching experience and I must thank TV5 for the opportunity it has given the viewers by showcasing some of the brilliant short films in French, subtitled in English for the non-French speaking viewers, like me.
The films that have mesmerized me, bowled me over, are:
I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors
The Trenches (La tranchée)
Margaux's Incredible Journey (L'incroyable voyage de Margaux)
La tête froide

Most of the films were thought provoking and dealt with complex themes or issues, but all of them were engrossing to the core. I recommend them for all my film-buff friends. I am sure the films will delight you for whatever reasons.


Swarnali S. said...

Thank u so much for ur recommendation. i'll definitely try to catch this channel. :)

jeet said...

You are very right. Often short films make the right kind of noise about a topic or a theme neglected or undermined by the features. And short films in the fiction category are a great favorite of mine. I think Britain and France are among the best in that category.

Miimzo said...

I have seen the film 'Transparence'. It is fabulous indeed.
In our country, at the FTII and other institutes, so many of the shorts made by the students are made that are really challenging and have the potential to set a benchmark for film-making, but they get hardly seen by the people of this country. Recently, an attempt has been made to reach out to viewers through DVDs marketed by some companies, but unfortunately the prices are too high to compete in a standardized market economy.