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Thursday, January 20, 2011

When life feels off-kilter.....

I observe that the ones who are medically of sound body and mind, take being healthy to be such a given, a constant, that they do not spare a thought for the eventuality of being sick, being dependent on others, and realize how preciously gifted one is to remain healthy.
I have to admit that, when one compares one's life to the lives of people who have to struggle under the yoke of disability, ailment or infirmity, and then all of one's petty cares and concerns almost vanish into the thin air.
I certainly want to stress that a lot of our so-called petty cares and concerns grow from selfish exaggerations and false expectations. We need to streamline our wants and desires, and should attempt to declutter our minds. An assertive behaviour helps us gain the most. We should remember that we unless we take care of the overstuffed minds, we shall not be able to give adequate weightage to our relationships. Gratitude, humility, integrity and honesty must be emulated not just because these are virtues that have been celebrated over the ages, these are in-fact time-tested ingredients for a better life.
We should not take the privileges that we enjoy for granted. We should get in touch with our heart's desire, and prevent loneliness, or the feeling of being left out, to grab us all of a sudden. Being alone, being lonesome, becoming a loner - these aren't all the same. We need to rather fasten our grip on life itself, by improving on our stimulation and by nurturing our passion for life! We should initiate by just dealing with all the unresolved emotions, profitably.
If any part of your life feels off-kilter, just think about the ways in which you can restore its natural equilibrium.


abhishek said...

In my personal opinion, after one ceases to be in one's twenties, one gets too consumed - in terms of one's thoughts, energy and time - by one's mundane life routine. It is then, we face the maximum risk of perceiving a terrible imbalance. Some times we get so off-balance that we need to pull out all stops and address the problem. But, better still, we put to use our psychological skills, in terms of having practical workable solutions, to our advantage. Compartmentalizing our time and taking small correctional steps may help much.

Anirban Halder said...

It is said that one thinks he can't have a heart attack, until it occurs to him one fine day. We MUST not take our health for granted. If we do, it may let us down terribly one day.

The thought gains another dimension when one truly feels he not only lives for himself but also for his loved ones. Even if one lives for himself / herself, he / she should avoid being dependent on others for falling ill due to sheer negligence.

Joy said...

Life is precious. Life is just an array of fleeting moments. We must make the best of our lives, buddy. Your post serves as a wake-up call for sure.

Arunima said...

Health, both physical and psychological are perhaps the most ignored aspects of any "middle-class" existence. There are so many other priorities that 'health' always take a back seat!And unfortunately,both our body and mind is very unforgiving. You dont take care of it today, it will take its revenge someday or the other!It is indeed a question of attitudinal shift to put health first in the list of other priorities. Easier said than done though! :)