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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orkutting continues......

Even amidst all the Twitter and Facebook hype-n-hoopla, Orkut remains the favorite of many an e-friend of mine.
I myself am quite hooked to Orkutting, still.
Orkut has introduced me to e-friendship. And I have been enjoying it to the fullest.
I haven't got bored with the concept (elaborated upon in an earlier post) unlike many of my friends and acquaintances.
I think it all depends on what one seeks from a social networking site....
to find out if a certain social networking site works for them or not.
This post is a tribute to Orkut and the Orkutting phenomenon, which may have morphed into several avatars, but the concept of e-friendship and Orkutting
go hand-in-hand... still.
The site [http://www.orkut.co.in] itself has changed in a major way this month.
Though there were teething problems with all the newness that was intended
by the owners/administrators of the site..... the users were not much in favor of all the privacy controls that were toeing the line of Facebook and other competing social networking sites; within a period of 48 hours Orkut had to switch back to many of the original features instead..... yet, there are the several new features NOW, which have given Orkut a new look (with the user's discretion, of course).
ENDWORD: Orkutting continues; in a major way FOR ME.
In fact, it rocks!


mehul said...

Good to have you buzz on Orkutting, dude!
We - Orkut and you and I - surely go a long way.
I remember the hesitation and the inhibition - a whole load of it - that you had, on the very concept of social networking.
But am glad that we got along fine - and, in time, the ties deepened.
All thanks to Orkut.
Long live our e-friendship.
Keep buzzing.

Arunima said...

You are correct in saying that what one gets out of a social networking site is very much individualistic. Though its true that I am not an avid orkutter, but I have to agree I have found many of my old friends through it. Glad that these platforms provide some kind of social bonding Otherwise in today's fast paced world, its so easy to lose track of where we are going and where we came from!