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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Phantom Limb

The Phantom Limb Syndrome refers to a strange and unique sensation that one might feel that makes one believe, and even gesticulate accordingly, that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts.
It has been reported that the majority of these sensations are acutely painful.

Why exactly am I referring to this clinical syndrome experienced in amputees.
Well, it is only known to some of my very close friends how I have been psychologically ravaged on this very day, just as one trying his best to come to terms with the pains that can have a perfect analogy in the aforementioned syndrome.
There has been an intense showdown that was the worst case of a blast from the past for me. It was much more than revisiting an old wound, a bruise that hasn't heeled despite my best efforts, it was a case of involuntary surrender to a single traumatising individual. Nothing could have been worse in today's situation, nothing could have been more disturbing, as I couldn't have been more unprepared than today.
Why don't the body of an emotional amputee wither on its own, even after the emotional wings have been mercilessly hacked.
I pray to God, more out of a conditioned reflex than an active rendition of a soulful obeisance, that the perpetrator in question have divine mercy. And I genuinely wish away my limb, my vestige, I forgo any semblance of passion for the wings of my fantasy.
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Anirban Halder said...

All I can say is that I am distured to know this. I don't know why destiny keeps being unfair to few of us. I sincerely wish you gain strength to overcome the situation. I am always by your side, emotionally.

Sounak said...

Must have been quite a BIRTHDAY for you, dude.
I have to say that the nightmarish experience be blocked for ever, and may only the good parts, I hope it gets better still, revisit you, and may have many, many happy returns in your life.
All the Best.

aarav said...

That's terrible!
You must have gone through hell.....

My sympathies.... may your phantom feelings - even despise & hatred for the mean monster - be all gone!

Dibyendu Paul said...

hmm ... Monster is forever gone buddy .. You have killed !! .. yeah you have ..

Dnt ever feel bad for anyone who always bitching around the bushes.. just jerk off the story .. you know wat I mean .. and you are working on I do believe..

You will be having nice tym ahead .. :)

Have a blissful life only for ur ownslf ...

aryan said...


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