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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
I wish all my readers, and fellow bloggers, have a wonderful year ahead!
Blogging has been the most intuitive and impulsive way to express oneself, the year 2007 has reportedly seen an unthinkable rise in blogging and blog-related exchanges.
Most of the leading newspapers and journals of the world now feature regular sections on blogs from the Net.
People have been seen speaking on issues and topics, hitherto brushed off, or considered non-mainstream, or underground.
As a result of which these subjects have captured the sensibilities of the majority like never before.

Discussions and discourses are bound to open up newer and fresher approaches to conflict resolution, redressal and reconciliation. However unsavory an issue may be, only debating on the same can help open vistas for integration and eventually all possible aspects can thus be explored.

As a new blogger, I won't say that I have been able to fully reach out to all who would be potentially interested in the banter and the blabber that I have ventured to exhibit herein. Anyways, I haven't exactly been a prolific blogger, many of my readers complain. But I do try my best to treat them to my spontaneous outpourings, never mind how trivial they might be.

I had started my blogging journey with the declaration that being an out and out Kolkatan, I will keep you all posted on the developments and the city-specific events that most Kolkatans would to be too happy to carry out an animated discussion on. But, unfortunately, I have not been able to do so....... rather I consciously chose not to. The reason being my city was and still is under a spell.......a spell that is dark, deadly and dangerous. I never expected my Kolkata to witness such turmoil, such unnecessary, utterly avoidable strife as it did in the past year. Nationally, and internationally, Kolkata was continually in the news in 2007 for all the wrong reasons. It pained me. The blows suffered by the city bruised me, scarred me, I earnestly hope that, at least, they haven't maimed my psyche! I am sure I will be able to talk about the unpleasantness, the political, social and cultural blows that my city, Kolkata, dealt with - but only in the future, when I am able to distance myself a bit and offer a gainful perspective. I hope to do that soon ........ very soon....... in the near future. But before I do that I do pray for the solidarity and amity which has been the hallmark of Kolkata and its people over the ages.


Satyaki said...

╬═ॐ═╬ Forget Ur Fear
╬═ॐ═╬Let All Ur Dreams Be Clear
Listen to your heart
╬═ॐ═╬and have a joyous start!

Mehul said...

In 2008, may Peace on Earth be our universal concern. In a world torn by bigotry and hatred, let Hope and Faith in Humanity conquer our fears and suspicions, prejudices and discriminations.
Let there be a lot more Loving in 2008.