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Friday, July 02, 2010

Peepli Live

Whenever Aamir Khan presents a film, it is special.
And, this time, he is here with PEEPLI [Live]
that has been produced by him, under his own banner Aamir Khan Productions.

It is directed by first-time director Anusha Rizvi, who has also penned the screenplay.
Distributed by UTV Motion Pictures, the film is scheduled
to release on August 13, 2010.

It takes a satirical look at the predicament of a poor farmer who creates a media frenzy when, beset with debt, he announces that he will commits suicide so his family can receive government compensation.

It had its first screening at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, a rare honour for an Indian film!
After having been selected for the Competition Section at the Sundance Film Festival, it was picked up by a specialty German distribution company Rapid Eye Movies for a special screening at the last Berlin International Film Festival.

The cast of the film includes Omkar Das Manikpuri, making his film debut, Raghubir Yadav, Nawazuuddin Siddiqui, Shalini Vatsa, Farukh Jaffer and Malaika Shenoy.
The music of the film is composed by Indian Ocean and Mathias Duplessy.
Shankar Raman is the cinematographer for the film, and Hemanti Sarkar the editor.

However, the bad news for the Indian viewers is that, for its Indian release, the film has got an 'A' (adults only) certificate. The makers are unperturbed by the apprehension of limited viewership though; they are supposedly hopeful that the film will find its takers in the niche segment.


mehul said...

I wish Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, and director Anusha Rizvi all the best for "Peepli Live". It is high time that serious issues are presented by gutsy makers for viewers to respond and react to.... instead of being mollycoddled mothball-worn staid themes.
Eager to catch the film on its release.

Siddhu said...

Rarely does one get to see a Bollywood hero backing a project as non-mainstream as "Peepli Live", and for that reason alone Aamir Khan deserves a pat on the back. I remember him backing a film called "Barah Aana" last year quite deservingly and that wasn't even his own project!
I am already hooked on to the songs of "Peepli Live" as the album was officially launched a few days back. I love the songs 'Desh mera', 'Mehngaai daayan', 'Chola maati ke raam' and 'Zindagi se darte ho'. Hats off to the makers, and all concerned!

diya said...

PEEPLI LIVE is one of the most anticipated films no doubt, but, to be very honest, any film that has any association with Aamir Khan is waited for, per se. But this film has more to boast of to make it stand out amongst the numerous releases from the Bollywood production houses. First, it has no big stars, apart from Naseeruddin Shah who apparently has a cameo. Plus, it is helmed by first time director, and a woman at that, Anusha Rizvi. And it talks of real issues, like farmer suicides and exploitative role of the media, for a change.
I wish the film the very best!!
May there be every genuine reason to celebrate the new-age cinema from India that is making a mark with its cutting edge depictions
(a la "Udaan")!!!

pallavi said...

'Peepli Live' has been declared a cult film of the current times, now that the film has been appreciated critically as well as it's been accepted by the multiplex audiences along with their single-screen counterparts, thus earning a whole lot of profit, the film has been the centre of much attention. As expected, it has even bagged its share of controversies.
The film, contrary to what was earlier believed, is not just a take on farmer suicide but it also focuses on the media-obsession with the 'breaking news' phenomenon, and even on the publicity-hungry politicians.
While Raghuvir Yadav, as the farmer Natha who announces his suicide days in advance, and Nawaz, who essays the role of an aspiring hotshot reporter who decides to go town with Yadav’s announcement, and Farrukh Jaffer, as the old mother of Natha, are the scene-stealers. However, all others in the cast too have given credible performances, what a delight that these actors, who aren't stars, are now having the recognition value enjoyed by the biggest of celebs!
While shooting across homes, fields and roads at Badwai village near Bhopal, the unit may well have managed to keep reporters, shutterbugs as well as locals at bay, but after the success of the film, 'Peepli Live' gets talked about the most, and the conversation may well continue in the coming months as well.

Vivek said...

I feel 'Peepli Live' is a watershed film in the history of Hindi cinema, i.e. Bollywood (in crass etymology, though no one seems to mind the term in India these days). It is not so because there haven't been more gritty films, films that depict the rural reality, films made in the dark comedy genre, before. It is because an Indian star-actor has decided to wholeheartedly back a film like this. The person in question, Mr Aamir Khan, has risked much, has received some flak and some brickbats, there have been diatribes from the director herself, yet on behalf of Indian cine-buffs I'm indebted to him for making the world sit up and take note of this film called 'Peepli Live'.

The rapid change in the socio-economic structure, the huge force of consumerism stemming from globalization, the increasing hegemony of industrialization and capitalist economy, the stark divisive forces tearing apart the social fabric and making the people on the margins non-existent for all practical purposes - these are the things we see but choose not to see. Recently, I saw a documentary by Deepa Bhatia, that chronicles the work of P. Sainath, editor-cum-activist, called 'Nero's Guests'. Watching it, I became acutely aware of the Indian agrarian crisis, the growing inequality in the socio-economic conditions of the peasant society, the utter vulnerability of the peasants driving them to suicides. But, sadly, a few get to see such films. Few take note. However, 'Peepli Live' is a popular film that has been able to sensitize many, and should instill some good sense in all of us. The woes of people like Nattha, the protagonist of 'Peepli Live', ought to matter.