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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flotsam & Jetsam

Isn't it odd how a counselling session throws back things at us? 
Things that we least expect....
things which we think are not that important....
things we do not consider as blockades....

This is what a psychological counsellor, dismissively called a shrink, may say:
"I want you to take a few moments to imagine something you really want to happen
and then use your imagination to follow it through in your mind's eye. 

What is it you are dreaming about? 
Who is involved? 
How does it play out?
Now let's think about the direction your imagination took.
Did you focus on the positive aspects of your dream or did you end up
thinking about the things that could go wrong?"

If we find that we had a constructive mental process,
our shrink is likely to say: "My hat goes off to you!

On the other hand,
if our imagination turns our dream into a disaster,
we are asked to focus on the reason for the same....
why that happened.... without being down on ourselves.

I have been told that so many of us are in the habit
of actually imagining the worst as opposed to the best,
unless our thoughts are directed differently.

It is said that energy flows where the attention goes,
and this is the key to getting positive results in any situation.

When we can visualize exactly what it is that we want,
isn't it such an elusive quest, well, we might streamline our thoughts to the basics, for starters,
hence we fuel the energy of our creation by seeing all the wonderful aspects
of it coming into reality.
We can see ourself experiencing our desire in detail,
imagining the events, sights, smells, and feelings around it.
And, if a negative thought does creep in, we can simply erase it,
replacing it with thoughts of what you want to have happen instead.

In addition to visualizing, other things can help reinforce
the positive outcome we desire.
We might be asked to keep a daily journal and write what we desire
to happen in your life, anytime in the near or distant future.
This is a very good way to keep our focus.
Another technique is to make a picture page with images of what we want,
along with good things that are part of our dream.
We can cut out photos from magazines or draw pictures.
When our little poster is completed, put our page in a place where we will see it frequently, given that we have our own private space of display.
Just seeing these visual suggestions regularly is likely to stimulate our imagination.
By making a point to imagine on a regular basis the positive things we want
to bring our way, we'd draw wonderful things into our life with surprising frequency. Not only we shall experience more success in our life, but you we'll also feel more confident & prepared to meet life's diverse challenges.

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pallavi said...

This is a very unusual post from you.
I can just say, "Keeep... keep it together... for ever and ever" as Madonna would have sung... hahaha.

On a serious note, I'd like to say that life does throw up flotsam and jetsam for all of us, and we all do need to focus and dream in a positive manner for sustaining our souls.

diya said...

Kudos! For writing on an altogether different vein.... yet something that most of us can connect with.... irrespective of age or sex or status... We do not talk much about our emotional well-being - even amongst friends, and an impartial, patient listening to our woes can prove to be quite a soother, and hence the all-important positioning of 'the shrink' in our lives.
I loved the simple yet effective flotsam-jetsam routine that you have highlighted. It surely would help many. I would personally look forward to more such tidbits.

Satyaki said...

There are some things that are too important to disregard or remain indifferent to, and one such thing is our individual quest for goals and a reality check on our dreams. A very relevant post, buddy.
There are so many times that I think that I have the all important key to unlock the door that will lead me the answer or answers, and, yet, many a time I fail to get through.
My personal take on the subject (that you have so sketchily touched): Every one needs to grow up..... and many a time..... we need to make a S.W.O.T. analysis of our selves ever so often.