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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer distress piling high!!!!

Kolkata has been witnessing a lot of summer distress.

The weather has been playing havoc lately. It seems the weather Gods have been behaving in a thoroughly unpredictable manner!

This year Kolkatans were about to heave a sigh of relief, with the news of an advent early monsoon; but alas, it has been a weak monsoon approach!

First came Aila, the cyclonic storm (which intensified at its peak on May 25,
and caused severe damages in several parts of West Bengal, and especially in North Bengal)
and now this horribly hot & humid weather!
The cyclone Aila is believed to have been responsible for the arrival of early monsoon, but the cyclone has, in its turn, drastically altered the monsoon pattern for the city. It has made the monsoon flow take a detour!!! Hence, no rains.... no signs of respite!

We Kolkatans do not shy away from the summer heat, but this time it has been an extremely uncomfortable weather which has seen the lucky citizens choosing to sit indoors, in the cool comfort of air-conditioned rooms; while the unlucky citizens have had to swoon in the heat outdoors, with only an odd while's rest under a shady tree.

We all have been staring at the cloudy skies.
The clouds have been forming,
and there ain't any rainfall......!

The hapless Kolkatans have been cursing the blasted weather, as the discomfort index is on an all-time high. But curses bring no showers too!

The sweat surge has been the worst ever, in recent years!!!!!!!!

We can only pray that the piling high of distress, of all Kolkatans, be stemmed soon....
very soon!


Satyaki said...

You are absolutely right!
The Kolkata heat and humidity is simply maddening this time!
It is having us all stewed up
in a giant melting pot of sweat and grime!

iman said...

hi buddy~

i liked the photograph you clipped with the post! :)i know it's terrible for Kolkatan's to tolerate such kind of weather. but i want to say something else... earth's weather format have been completely changed if any one noticed and it's because of nothing but the Global-Warming... and it's too late to do anything from our own side, still we can try our bit not to escape but to delay the destruction.....

arunima said...

the pic that u hav picked for this post is coool :)i know its pretty bad heat in kolkata these days...but what to do everywhere the weather is changing..hope the ripe and sweet mangoes are a bit of a solace :)

abhishek said...

The Kolkatans have had a triple, not double, battering: First, the devastation unleashed by the fury of Aila (about 1200 trees were uprooted in the city, the disricts suffered much more though), then came the scorching heat and the high humidity that upturned the monsoon pattern (actually the cyclone has consumed a lot of energy weakening the monsoon flow and changing the low pressure pattern), and finally the severe power-cuts (due to major lapses and malfunctioning at the power plants) that have made us sweating both indoors & outdoors!