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Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye M.J.

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009)

YOU shall live in our hearts forever!
YOUR music gave us joy, hope, togetherness, courage, conviction and love.
People who heard YOU,
swayed & danced to the infectious beat and the overpowering melody
of YOUR songs,
and we shall always remember YOU
as World's Greatest Pop Icon,
as the King of Pop,
as the ultimate MoonWalker!
YOU will be ever remembered by YOUR songs,
YOUR legend lives on!


Aniruddh said...

Michael Jackson's rise to unthinkable heights of success, the cult-following, the king-size excesses, the subsequent fall from grace & controversies notwithstanding, his contribution to contemporary music will forever enshrine him in Music's hall of fame.
As a singer-songwriter-performer par excellence, Michael Jackson's true genius will be appreciated more & more in the days to come.

Imran said...

The world is still in shock! As the news initially broke on the television channels, and over the Internet, some even uttered expressions of disbelief, dismissing the news of death as an exercise in publicity stunt, describing the supposed death to have been 'staged'!

Well, M.J. (or as he was later referred to as Wacko Jacko by those who ridiculed his transformed avatar especially after the Neverland scandal) has courted controversies all his life, and has done so even as he died. There are still speculations, prior to the autopsy results being made known, that he might have died owing to a drug overdose, having had to cope with extreme stress.

Jackson’s image and brand had already declined considerably over the years. There has been a talk of financial woes of Jackson's multimillion-dollar empire. So, stress was definitely there as a tormentor. Anyhow, I hope Jackson's creative genius won't get slighted in the long run, as the music lovers have always nurtured his brilliance, his growth from being the young crooner in Jackson Five to being the first Black artist to make waves on MTV to the emergence thereafter as the King-of-Pop.

Neeraj said...

Goodbye M.J.

I think all greats die young.... well, most of them. It's a shame though! I wish I could see him perform live!
Be it 'Thriller', 'Beat It', 'Smooth Criminal', 'Dirty Diana', 'Bad', 'The Way U Make Me Feel', 'Heal the World', 'The Earth Song', 'Dangerous', 'We Are the World', 'Do U Remember the Time' or umpteen other songs, Michael will always live in them!
I would like to dedicate to his memory two of his classics: 'U Are Not Alone' and 'Will U Be There'. Long live the Peter Pan of Pop!

sakagaze's laziest student said...

moreover it was really sad to see MJ being so many time wrongly charged for various crimes. Even rumors one of the prominent ones being MJ had purposely tried to change his skin color were so wrongly thought about. However true good prevails and MJ will always be remembered as a great icon and a music genius for all time to come.

Krishh said...

We shall always "Remember the Time" that you have been amidst us, and have warmed our hearts, comforted our souls, and made us dance like zombies! Michael, you have defined music, you have made performance an art and a craft that almost all artistes after you have been and would be imbibing from. We shall miss you, but you shall reside forever in your music, in the hearts of all music-lovers.