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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boon? Bane?

Often it is so confusing for me to decide if I am being pampered with a boon, or if I am being punished with a bane!!!!!!!!!
Based on what I have been experiencing lately, and also based on my gut feeling, it could well be either!!!!!!!
I could very well be entering the most powerful period of your life... one that could make this a potentially life-changing period!
I find myself in a near-ideal position to take charge of my destiny -- if that can really happen in perfunctory terms at least -- perhaps even transform my entire future! But what is it that I really look forward to? Wealth, love, success, happiness........... a more satisfactory life than I have ever dreamt of?
But, aren't those all terms illusory?
My one concern is whether I'll be ready to reap the maximum advantage from every single moment of this extraordinary period..... and what if my perceptions & my aspirations appear to be a mirage-like falsification of my desperate goals?

I want to share with you in this very space my dilemma: to do or not to do, to act or to withdraw, to accept or to decline...
Because of the very unusual nature of these vibrations, I decided to cast aspersion to my weighing of opportunities against threats, strengths against weaknesses, may be this helps me gain greater insight and clarity on what I have been sensing.
Now let me throw some prudence, your way, as well as mine, I haven't been exactly waiting for my dreams to unfold into tangible pursuits, one by one, in random succession. I haven't been so desperate to live a life of my dreams. But sometimes, I have waited too eagerly for a an abundant feeling of joy, rejuvenation, and relief from all burdens that weigh heavily on my soul.
However, what if I fail to use foresight in my decisions and fail to protect myself from the negative energies? What if I fail to display my wisdom, foresight and vigilance which could have been instrumental in transforming discordant energies into positive outcomes, then I am sure to languish in more pain, terminal discomfort, stifling rage & a never-ending vacuum! Then it is just a bane for me, no?
The best way to let all my concerns be taken care of... is to stop thinking too much, to stop reading between the lines, but won't that prevent me from grasping opportunity with both hands?

I believe that everyone deserves to live their life free from stress, strain and worry. Life is too precious to waste on lost opportunities
and bad mistakes. Many a times we do not pay close attention, we do not take heed of the signals and the alarms, and thus we fail in our responsibilities even being in the driver's seat. I wish we never be subject to the whims of fate. But can one really take care of every situation that arises when we are guaranteed to be in a commanding position?

There are many major decisions that we all have to face, sometimes more than once in our lives. And every single day of our lives brings a fresh new batch of choices, some of which, as you no doubt have already discovered, have the power to alter the shape of our entire future.

Should I take that job?
Move to a new home?
Invest money in a new business?
Can this new friend be trusted?
Will this person make me happy?
Should I change my career?

And how many times have you been torn between two decisions? Your head tells you one thing, your heart says another... but how can you know which choice is the right one?

The questions cited above aren't exhaustive, just illustrative, yet just these are enough to make one's head spin... We can't exactly shape our future on the toss of a coin, can we? We need to guide our souls by a very determined soul-searching, every single moment, and that presumably leads us to the answer of 'Just what to do?'!

Just think of it! we all wish to be steered in the right course, to comfortably breeze through a situation, to ooze confidence in whatever we do.......... yet it is possible to reach, by some magic, the correct solution to every problem or dilemma or crisis. It is we who have to contemplate, decipher, decode and act, act we must; even if it is to act to remain passive, to let go!!!!
I think our subconscious mind, or higher knowledge, can and do show us precisely what we need to know about our present situation, the circumstances that may have led to it, the best action we can take at a certain moment in time, as well as the most likely outcome.


Satyaki said...

Life's filled with possibilities
That challenges us each day...
To take a chance
Try something new...
See things in a different way
And as it's through, we learn to change and grow
To explore who we are and what we know
For it's not until we try
That we find out - WHAT WE CAN DO
So don't wait until tomorrow
To discover something new!

Aniruddh said...

Saw your write-up after a long gap. Now, I know why you are flustered. Anyways, take care. Happy decision-making!~

pallavi said...

I want to tell you that intuition is often our best guide. We mustn't habitually distrust our intuitive senses, which let our invisible mentors communicate with our souls and strengthen our decisions' viability.
Our angels remain within us, potentially keeping our souls secure from misinterpretations of the outwardly signals; bestowing on us their love & guidance, all through our life's journey, and especially in those crucial times which bother us the most.