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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The 'Dus Ka Dum' Andaz

The fourth of July, 2008, was a memorable night for the viewers of Indian television, as we got to see Aamir Khan feature on the reality show 'Dus Ka Dum', alongwith Imran, his nephew. The remarkable feat for the channel (Sony Entertainment Television) was to get the ever reclusive Aamir Khan on the show which is hosted by Salman Khan, his contemporary and often labelled as his 'rival' (by the media, of course).
Salman, Aamir and Imran seemed to have a ball at the show, which hadn't exactly been the favorite on the popularity charts. But things took a drastic turn that night as it attracted eyeballs from all over of the world, wherever the satellite channel has had its reach, as viewers were keen to see the chemistry between the Khan biggies Aamir and Salman return on the visbility radar, after a really long time!
It was an all-smiles-affair as the trio went on to play the game ‘Dus Ka Dum’. The Aamir and Salman bonding, however, remained the highlight of the special episode.
We were reminded of the ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ days when we saw Aamir & Salman on a buoyant cycle-sharing ride. While the ‘Jaane Tu.. ya jaane na’ debutant Imran Khan smiled and obliged to remain on the sidelines, the limelight being duly shared by the two biggies, he must have won many a young fan for himself as his manners, and charm were just perfect.

I sincerely wish that we get to see Aamir and Salman share screen space yet again ('Andaz Apna Apna' was way back in 1994), maybe thius time in an intensely dramatic film (unlike the zany, mad caper that 'Andaz Apna Apna' was!)...... the two of you do have a great buddy chemistry!


mehul said...

I didn't think Dus Ka Dum had much steam till last Friday! In fact, the show would have lost its steam midway had it not been spiced up by the starry presence of the guest Khans: Aamir & Imran!

iman said...

hi buddy!!
for me Dus Ka Dum is nothing but a irritating show, but like many 'Khan' lovers i'm also keen to watch a movie by Aamir & Salman.........:) & it would be a pleasure if any production house or any scripts appeal "The Khans"(Shahrukh, Aamir & Salmal)..... we all lovingly waiting for it~

abhishek said...

Sallu miyan must have had a ball that night...... thinking about the rising TRP - maybe the show would get a fresh lease of life now that it has been talked about in the tabloids and television, thanks to the Aamir-Imran special.

sujit said...

The best things about the show 'Dus Ka Dum', which has been panned by many critics, is the the very spirit ''Haroge tab bhi mazaa aayega'' (the slogan says it all!). Even if a contestant does not win loads of money in 10 Ka Dum, he or she will still enjoy it. And the audience at home supposedly enjoys every bit of the unlimited fun on the show.

An uninhibited and open communication between the participants and the host, Salman Khan, is the USP that even resonates in the viewer; I can vouch for it. The same was reflected yet again in the Aamir Khan-Imran special. Many have said that Aamir was skewed in his decision to make an appearance on Salman's show, and not on SRK's 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass se tez hain...?', but Aamir must have chosen his television appearance keeping the very USP of the show in mind. And the result was stupendous success for all to see.

manab said...

Both Salman and Aamir have a charm that is so absent in in the cocky celebs of today. But I was really charmed by the manner in which the new kid on the block, Imran, conducted himself. I wish all the best to this Khan-trio from the Special edition of Dus Ka Dum!

arun said...

The Aamir-Imran special episode of Dus Ka Dum really created quite a flutter! I felt like singing 'Dus bahaane karke le gaye dil' on watching that episode, and on reading this post!

surjasish said...

Can't say much about Salman Khan or his infectious charm on the sets of his inane game show, but Aamir and his nephew are surely going to make waves as they have been doing all through!