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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cinema - Small, but Beautiful

Cinema - as we have known the medium through the ages - has undergone a sea-change over the years, and reasonably so. Other than evolving, there are thin chances of survival; hence changes are obvious, changes have to be welcomed.
The Youtube Screening Room is a revolutionary concept that promises to take filmviewing forward by one giant leap! The digital techmology has come to be the mainstay of the 21st century. There has been an ever-increasing demand for tools that democratise cinema.
Often the biggest challenge for the makers has been getting their films seen by audiences worldwide.
For a very long time, the distribution network for smaller films didn't exist, the distribution of films had to be executed through the dissolution of so many hurdles that it became impossible for the filmmakers to look beyond a target set of audience and a defined market, which again has its own limiting logistics, and is a prime opponent to creativity.
Reaching to a wider audience, connecting with the audience on a lucid & transparent basis has been now made possible to quality short films from around the world on Youtube.
A film that is literally made on a shoe-string budget of ten dollars can now compete with that made with the studio support or big finances, on a level playing field. It is really encouraging for us film buffs to learn that the barriers to entry have been lowered so drastically.
There is this promise of a new dawn, with cinema, albeit on a short scale, from around the world finding the audience they deserve..... I am so excited, and am sure there are millions like me.
The more important films, more important filmmakers will now be able to establish a dialogue with the viewers.
The small but beautiful world of cinema is definitely going to gift us some genuine gems that have the potential of becoming the conversation starter. The miniature classics can now seek audience beyond festivals. Cinema-lovers can form online communities to rally round these talented makers and support them in their endeavours.
Cinema empowers, and it is also high time that the Internet helps empower the creators in this manner.
Youtube promises to throw open its doors to cinema of all kinds, all dimensions; from utterly profound to utterly profane; a great film of any length, any budget can hope to play on one's computer screen, with just the click of a mouse.

Courtesy: The Youtube Screening Room
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Satyaki said...

The Youtube Screening Room has really revolutionized the concept of reaching out to film-buffs in an uncluttered manner. I hope it lives up to its promises and proves its worth in a big way!

abhishek said...

Cinema no longer happens to be the community/family event that it used to be. Whether we like it or not this change is here to stay.
I am glad to know that in the intimate, personal space of the Net and especially on the Youtube Screening Room, we are likely to throw open the fetters that tied creativity to commerce.

Anirban Halder said...

A wonderfully written cinema piece on a wonderful concept. It will be great if small films can be marketed worldwide through this service.

arun said...

If small, indie films get an even footing with the biggies, that would be really a David & Goliath fight worth following. The best film can be made with ample doses of ingenuity, not dollars pumped in to create hype & hoopla. Cool concept. Cool write-up!