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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My only crime?

My only crime has been to want a little bit of happiness and a little bit of peace!
Why do people around me, whom I count on a lot, and have made part of my physical, living, breathing space, hurt me so badly? And that too when I am most vulnerable? I guess, everyone wants to strike as hard as they can and make each strike count? Is it so sinful to be sensitive? Is it so outrageous for people to find someone who has not yet been desensitised by the harsh and brutal excesses all around? Are the latter so easily made the soft targets? But why do people fail to recognise the victims? Why do the perpetrators get away with the barbaric victimisation of their easy prey? They who are the real wrong-doers mostly make the loudest noise!
I would have lost my sanity, lost all hopes, had it not been for the support of this very blogspace which lets me connect to other battered and bruised souls. I have even had the good fortune of connecting with the person whom I call my soulmate, because it is this very person who bothered to answer to my distress call...... it is this very person who has done an apparently simple task of sending me an SMS on my cellphone or just called me up when I was drowning in self-pity...... yet it meant so much..... it is nothing short of donning the role of a life-giver! If a friend just says, " I am with you, always....... no matter what!" - it means heavenly succour for me. I am not going to thank my friend(s), and trivialize our friendship, but I would just like to say to all who are reading this blog-post that e-friendship can work wonders for all and sundry, provided one makes an effort, an earnest effort, to just CONNECT.

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Ashwal said...

In so many ways
  Really helps to
 Brighten my days.

    Thinking of that smile
   That lights up the dark.
  Thinking of that laughter
 That gives you that extra spark.

    Thinking of you
   And all that you've done;
  Knowing inside my heart,
 You're always number one.

    Thinking of you
   And wishing you well,
  I sure miss you
 If you couldn't tell...