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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kolkata is Changing

I am a die-hard Kolkatan. I love the city in all its multifaceted splendor and squalor. 

It is indeed fascinating to see this very city of mine changing in front of my own eyes! Sometimes I find it so hard to believe that the exteriors have changed so much. The cityscape is trying hard to keep up with the times. At times there is a discernible shift that is almost desperate.

I don't mind the changes, rather I am glad to see the otherwise laidback Kolkatan waking up to the most sophisticated amenities that most metros of the world boast of. However, I sincerely hope that the heart of Kolkata, that may not exactly be enriched by the milk of kindness but which surely surely beats with an uptempo humane beat, remains as spirited as it always has been. Let the Kolkatans show the world how cool it is to be passionate and energetic when it comes to beating the odds!


Anirban Halder said...

Cool post, buddy.

arpita said...

Kolkata is indeed changing a lot,
and at a frantic pace.
Is it good? Is it bad?
Only time will tell.
But one think I sure wish from my fellow Kolkatans..... greater tolerance.

Mehul said...

Why don't you write about Kolkata being a prospective IT destination? Are investors really queueing up to pour resources here in Kolkata?

Satyaki said...

Nicely summed up the changing profile of Kolkata. But what irks me is the query: Is Kolkata really changing for good?
Superficially, the changes are evident to all..... but what about scratching the surface to find out if, alongwith the demographic profile, a lot has changed on the inside too - the values, the cultural consciousness, or the sentimnents?

shaheel said...

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