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Monday, September 20, 2010


Rapunzel is the age-old fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.
This classic tale, with all the standard ingredients of a well-told fairy tale has charmed us for generations. But, now, the story is all set to make a re-emergence as a new-age 3D animation film from the Walt Disney Animation Studios as the forthcoming big ticket release, 'Tangled'. It features the voices of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi along with several others.
The original music for the film has been composed by Alan Menken and the lyrics have been penned by Glenn Slater. Slated for a theatrical release this winter, the film is making all animation feature buffs wait in eager anticipation. Hence, a look at the beautiful visuals.

Pics - courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Purely illustrative. No copyright infringement intended.


deeptadeep said...

I know, many would scoff at the revisionist's version of these fairy tales, but I am cool with it. Times have changed, and so have the demands and the aspirations of the audiences. Infusing a little bit of political correctness into the story is nothing new from the Disney Studios, and if it's fun and not done at the expense of the original tale's essence, I am game.

Arunima said...

wow...i am eagerly waiting for the movie to release.:-) Though Rapunzel was one of the less liked fairy tales for me, still it will be intersting to see how they tweak it in the WaltDisney style to make it compeltely enchanting..

Imran said...

Hey, it's good to see a post an animation film after
a really l-o-o-o-o-n-g time!
Animation feature films are our common passion, and hence I would love to see you posting more of your personal takes on them, maybe on the common Orkut Community of ours.
Needless to say, I look forward to catching TANGLED when it releases.

Dibyendu Paul said...

When I was a kid mom used to tell me so many of fairy tales as I was a bit nagging. though these days kids are more attached to techno stuffs rather than fantasy stories, But the guys from my age group are quite a bit accustomed to this story and its a bit interesting even.. I used to make so many of slides in my mind when mom used to utter the story. And now am thrilled to watch the movie representation of the same.. :)