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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Horror Movies - Top Ten

I have been a horror movie buff since childhood.
Of course, then it was just the simple fun of being treated to spooks and chills, watching monsters and zombies amidst graphic gore and blood-curdling effects....
As a young adult I came to know what the regular horror films churned out by Hollywood actually symbolized, the morality lessons that were coated in metaphors and made enticing for the average American teen. For the pre-pubescent boys and girls, the films were a release of sorts, sometimes establishing the conventional mores, and sometimes helping them grapple with their raging hormones, with all the accompanying confusions & insecurities.

However, I have been exposed to all sorts of horror movies over the years, and the fascination might have waned by degrees, maybe I am more observant of the nuances and the underlying compulsions, maybe I am appreciative of the execution and narration more, yet, the charm has stayed on. I know, I speak for many when I address this love of mine. Hence, I offer for my readers, a list of the ten very best horror films that I have seen over the years, this is yet another compilation based purely on personal preference. I had promised a couple of my friends this listing, and here it is.

My favorite horror films - Top Ten:
pics appearing from top to bottom under the list -
1) The Sixth Sense (1999);
2) The Exorcist (1973);
3) A Tale of Two Sisters/Janghwa, Hongryeon (2003);
4) The Others (2001);
5) Hostel (2006);
6) Psycho (1960);
7) Jaws (1975);
8) Alien (1979);
9) The Omen (1976);
10) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)


Dibyendu Paul said...

amazed wid the pictorial representation. They are Giving Hell lotta vibrations as far as the movies are concerned. Though am not much fond of Horror movies But some meaningfully dumb ones are worth watching.. and these list contains all of them .. :)

Indravadan said...

Excellent listing!
Will be really looking forward to the ones I am yet to see from the films listed, namely: The Others and A Tale of Two Sisters.
But what were the reasons for not including some of the other well-known titles, like Friday the 13th, The Ring, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Orphan, and The Orphanage?

Vickky said...

Loved your list of horror films, although my favorite genre of films is romance. Please make a list of top ten or top 25 favorite romantic films too, would be much obliged if you do.