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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Beginnings..... 2009

This is my first post for the year 2009...
I know, it was long over-due, couldn't avoid the delay..... for a number of reasons.
I would like to greet all my readers at first - a new year means new beginnings - no matter what! Maybe things weren't too happy for many of us. Maybe things were bleaker than the usual even as this year began. Nevertheless life is a celebration. And as I celebrate my life with this blog of mine, which is but a small effort to remain vibrant as life pulsates in its own way, I must say that the past year has been most wonderful in the personal field. Love finds its way, but it never felt so great, so blessed to have an exact replication of love (if not a manifold magnification) in the loved one's heart. May all be blessed with such sublime love; may love spread all the more in our frail hearts, which only assume such a magical splendour of joyous vigour when drenched in the hues of love.

Here's a not-so-original, and much replicated love story that I found truly inspiring which I want to share with my readers. It has been forwarded to me by a friend. As it is apparently anonymous in its umpteen re-tellings on the Net, sadly I cannot credit the original author. But here it is for the reading pleasure of all who haven't read it before:

An Amazing Love Story

He met her at a party. She was so outstanding, so many guys chasing after her; while he was so normal that nobody paid attention to him. At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with him, she was surprised, but, being polite, she agreed.
They sat in a nice coffee shop, and ordered for coffee. He was too nervous to say anything, she felt uncomfortable.... the silence was almost gnawing. Suddenly, as the coffee arrived, he asked the waiter, 'Would you please give me some salt? I'd like to put it in my coffee.' Everybody stared at him, so strange! His face turned red, but still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it. She asked him curiously, 'Why did you do that?'
He replied: 'When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea. I liked playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea, just like the taste of the salty coffee. Now every time I have the salty coffee, I always think of my childhood, I think of my hometown, I miss my hometown so much, I miss my parents who are still living there'. While saying these words, tears filled his eyes. She was deeply touched. Then she also started to speak, spoke about her far-away hometown, her childhood, and her family. That was a really nice talk, and it was also a beautiful beginning of their love story.
They continued to date. She found that he was a very sweet person, he was tolerant, kind-hearted, warm & caring. She would have almost derided him for the salty coffee, had she not known all about him! They soon got married, and lived a happy life.....
And, every time she made coffee for him, she put some salt in the coffee, as she knew that's the way he liked it. After 40 years, he passed away. He left her a letter which said: 'My Dearest, please forgive me, forgive my whole life which has been a lie. But trust me, our love was not a lie. To be very honest with you, the only lie that I have subjected you to, till date, is that about my preference for salty coffee. Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that time, actually I wanted some sugar, but I said salt. You liked the story that I instantly concocted in defense of that incredible stuff, and it was hard to change it. I just went ahead with the lie.... without thinking about the far-reaching consequences. Later, however, I tried to tell you the truth many times, but I was too afraid..... I wasn't sure if that would be a sensible thing.
Well, the salty coffee has such a strange, bad taste! But I have had the salty coffee for my whole life! I could have done anything for you.... so, it was nothing! Having you with me has been my biggest happiness, for my whole life. If I could live again, I'd still want to know you and have you for my whole life, even if I am compelled by circumstances to drink the salty coffee - again!'
As she finished reading the letter, she found that her tears had made the letter totally wet, and, yes, it must be salty too, she reasoned.

Someday, someone asked her: What's the taste of salty coffee?
'It's sweet!' -she replied.

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iman said...

hi buddy!!!

wishing you A Very Happy New Year' 2009~

iman said...


a nice poem for you just as a response of this beautiful post:)

Love is the greatest feeling,
Love is like a play,
Love is what I feel for you,
Each and every day,
Love is like a smile,
Love is like a song,
Love is a great emotion,
That keeps us going strong,
I love you with my heart,
My body and my soul,
I love the way I keep loving,
Like a love I can't control,
So remember when your eyes meet mine,
I love you with all my heart,
And I have poured my entire soul into you,
Right from the very start.

mehul said...

Even as we talk about the rapidly deteriorating economy, the horriobly maimed environment, and the ever-so-desensitized mindscape, we can't help praying for a better year, a year when our hopes & our expectations achieve a perfect match!
The 'Amazing Love Story' shows that a lovey-dovey relationship might have been built on a simple lie, but the edifice had been nothing but strong, because of the true love that had always been aglow in the lovers' hearts.
May love, not intolerance, show us the way in 2009!

andrew said...

A sweet saccharine story!